Free Services

Some of the most successful companies in the world have started out giving away services for free. It's a great way to build a customer base that is willing to stand by you and sing your praises. Need some examples? Think of Google with their free email and search services. Think of just about any social media company. It works especially well if you're in the computer software business and that is something I was to try and do full time someday. Whether it's a web developer, affiliate marketing guru, or Youtube star, I'm going to make it someday, I can just feel it. I would love to help you create a website for yourself like the one I created for myself here at 877N.NET or the one that I created for Quenzer's Pool Service.

I've recently gotten pretty good about taking old computers, backing up important files and pictures, and installing a new clean operating system. The operating system that I love and the one I happen to be using while I'm creating this website, is Lubuntu. I can help you migrate from Windows or Macintosh to Lubuntu. There are many advantages. Number one is cost. Lubuntu is free and it doesn't require expensive new hardware. In fact, you can purchase the hardware for less than $200 and have a screaming fast machine for email, web browsing, social media, and web development.

I'm also pretty good about asking for help with difficult computer programming problems. If you have a question about a difficult computer programming topic, I can post your question on stackoverflow with my account that has a good amount of reputation. I can post it in a way that doesn't upset the delicate geniuses there. I don't always get an answer, but I usually have a good chance of getting at least some response even if it's not the best question and you haven't demonstrated that you've tried to solve it yourself very well.

So, those are the services that I'm offering for free. I may think of more later, but that's all I really have time for right now. I make my money mostly as a Doordash driver and that's a fairly time consuming occupation if you're trying to make enough to pay all your bills. Thanks for taking an interest in my free services, and I'm always happy to share them with anyone who is patient and kind.