There a lots of options when it comes building a steady stream of traffic to your website. Some of the popular paid options include moz, mangools, semrush, yoast, and ahrefs. I will try to briefly over each one of these and offer non biased free advice as well.

Ahrefs is used by online marketers from the world's most popular brands. You can optimize your search engine keywords and spy on your competitors with ease. It's easy to discover what your potential customers or target audience is searching for and track your progress towards stealing their traffic to your own yourself. I really don't know of a better tool out there right now, but as soon as I find a better tool, I will be sure to write about it. The only disadvantage of ahrefs is that it's more expensive than some of the other options.

Moz helps you to keep a record of which one of your target keywords or links is leading to conversions or sales. It has tools that crawl your website and research authoritative links not only for your own website, but your competition as well. You can track progress and build specific data that let you know the ROI for your pages and outside icoming links. With this information, you can keep links and content that is working for you and modify links and content that are not bringing you any traffic or conversions. Over time, you end up with nothing but content and links that help you. And, you abandon links and content ideas that are not helping you.

Semrush is something that has been used by huge companies like Tesla, Samsung, Forbes, IBM, and Walmart. It gives you a site audit that can help you find broken pages, links, html issues, and help you optimize your website schema. You get help researching keywords and related phrases. It's very difficult to get traffic from competitive single keywords, and they have tools to help you find niche topics. That's really what any new website needs to thrive. A unique niche topic that you know well and something that offers people new knowledge that they didn't know about before and couldn't find anywhere else. Reading the minds of search engine users is difficult, but the better able you are to do that, the better off you will be short term and long term. Analyzing the competition is almost impossible to do on your own. You need data collected and sorted that is easy to filter. You need fresh content ideas and topic ideas for your own special niche that you know better than anyone else and that you can feverishly and passionately write about for days, weeks, months or years with boring yourself of others.

Mangools is one of the least expensive option and for that reason, I recommend giving it a try first. It even has a free trial. It can really spur the creative process and help you slowly learn about words like SERP, backlinks rankings and website authority without costing you a dime. Understanding what these words mean and exploring all the ways to build your SEO knowledge and skills is what it's all about. Trying to do this on your own is very time consuming. Trying a paid tool like this can help you learn about SEO quickly. You may not end up using tools like this forever, but at least trying a free trial is well worth your time.